When it comes to style men do not leave anything to chance. Every single detail is there by choice; it is the fruit of research and is highlighted. From shoes to accessories, from the hair to the beard. Daily routines joined by one single leading thread: re-interpreting the charm of tradition and classics in modern aesthetics. It is to these men that we have dedicated MAN, a collection of products designed to meet their specific demands. Formulas made in Italy, through a scrupulous selection of ingredients. Beauty rituals that find their expression in exclusive fragrances drawing inspiration from absinthe that interpret the masculine spirit. Pleasantly toning notes which accompany everyday gestures of beauty of contemporary men.


Artemisia absinthium

Artemisia absinthium, commonly known as Absinthe, is a plant with toning properties. Its qualities allow for the reinvigorating of the skin, purifying of the scalp and the stimulation of microcirculation. The MAN range is enriched with certified organic artemisia absinthium extract, an active principle obtained through extraction based on water, with no added alcohol, parabens and glycerine or any other extraction solvent to guarantee maximum quality, integrity and naturalness.



A true weapon of seduction. Wearing a certain fragrance does not only mean owning a good FRAGRANCE, but it is also a statement of style and a way of being. Let a new accord envelop you with fresh, woody, musky and woodland notes with a refined nature and a distinct aromatic soul.