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Damaged hair?

Damaged hair?

Published: 04.09.2022 11:55:15

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There are so many factors that threaten the health of our hair every day. What is important is to recognise when it  starts to look damaged in order to intervene with the appropriate remedies as soon as possible.

Damage can be caused by chemical agents, such as those found in overly aggressive hair services or beauty routines carried out without the right precautions, such as keeping a hairdryer too close or too hot. Finally, atmospheric agents, such as cold and wind. These and other factors are enemies to the health of our hair, which is threatened by adverse conditions every day. It is therefore important to understand the state of our hair so as to run for cover as soon as possible using specific products, specially formulated for damaged hair like the Pure Repair line and the Botox Effect reconstruction system, for deep plumping and repairing.

How do I recognise damaged hair?

To an attentive eye, damaged hair is immediately recognisable based on some parameters, which are also obvious to the touch.

Worn out and dull hair: the first criterion to understand if the hair is damaged is to check its brightness. The loss of a shiny appearance occurs after frequent washing or with too aggressive shampoos. In addition, smog and closed environments, heating and air conditioning may cause dehydration.

Thin hair: advancing age and prolonged chemical treatments contribute to weakening the structure of the hair bulb, leading to thin hair with little volume.

Dry hair: if the microcirculation is slowed, it cannot effectively nourish the peripheral skin appendages such as hair, which therefore looks dehydrated.

Brittle hair: in this case the brush speaks the truth. Healthy hair is usually bouncy and does not break easily. If,  each time the hair is combed a considerable amount remains on the brush, the hair is weakened.

Split ends: these are the first symptom of hair damaged by a hairdryer or straightener, as excessive heat breaks the hair fibres.

How do I recognise healthy hair?

On the contrary, to understand if the hair is in good health, there are signs to help us.

The shine of the hair is an excellent indicator, even in the case of coloured hair. If the shaft is healthy in fact, the colour lasts longer and is not dull or faded, as long as it is treated with specific products such as a shampoo for coloured hair and is not washed too frequently or with excessively hot water.

The best remedies for damaged hair

Prevention surely does a lot. So, adopting these good practices helps protect your hair:

- Use the hair dryer at a safe distance and with warm air.

- Comb your hair when it is slightly dry, in order to prevent breakage, because water makes it vulnerable.

- When using a straightener and hot irons : take care to apply them on very dry hair without forgetting the heat protector: two measures that protect against the effects of high temperatures, while maintaining the plus of flawless styling.

In addition to following correct hair routine gestures, it is necessary to apply the right products. In the case of damaged hair, the imperative is to go back to nourishing and moisturising, therefore products based on hyaluronic acid for example, can help rebalance dehydration.

Pure Repair with hyaluronic acid

The new line by pH Laboratories is designed precisely to meet this need. Its items are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients with a botox effect: hyaluronic acid, mafura butter, baobab oil and fermented aloe provide renewed hydration, bounce and vitality. Designed to be absorbed quickly, the treatments nourish, smooth without weighing down, plump and illuminate, counteracting dryness and giving a healthier and more vital appearance.

The Botox treatment in the salon consists of the four products of the Pure Repair line: shampoo, detangler, treatment and mask.

The Pure Repair Treatment is the protagonist of the Botox treatment in the salon: it is the star product of the ritual developed for damaged hair, because it helps to promote a deep reconstruction. Mixed with warm water, it forms a gel to be applied to the hair, which is carefully massaged and then wrapped in a warm towel for about 15 minutes. The heat accelerates and makes the treatment more effective.

At home, you can continue to maintain the botox effect of the treatment performed in the salon thanks to the products in the Pure Repair line. The shampoo gently cleanses, the detangler detangles and silks with a visible anti-ageing effect, the mask offers intense nourishment by plumping up deeply. Finally, Pure Repair, like all PH Laboratories products, distinguishes itself through its refined and sensual fragrance that makes the treatment at home and in the salon even more engaging.